Adam – take me away.

One of the better quality videos of Adam singing Starlight on the American Idol tour. Because I need an infusion of that joy from him this week. Because the last two days have been…well..rather out of my control and yet feeling as if I am in the spin cycle in a washing machine ya know? One bright light was waking up this morning to a tweet from Adam announcing the release date of his album – Nov 24th. 83 days. Until then I will have to continue to haunt You Tube for concert footage on nights when I need to hear his voice.

Don’t worry please – none of this stuff is about me at all. And it’s all already worked out or will by tomorrow. It’s work and travel plans being messed with (stupid United Airlines changing their mileage reimbursement policies!) and drama on the football board (I swear I could write a book after just a two year stint!) and nearly every small planned thing I had this week getting kicked around. I don’t do well with too much of that. One thing, fine. But everything? Not so fine. This is one of those weeks when life shakes you around by the collar just to show you that you are really not quite as in control as you thought đŸ˜‰

So, sing to me Adam. Take me far away, if even for a few minutes please.

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