Friday quiz time!

Forgive me those of you on Facebook for whom this is a repeat, but there’s a bonus question in here 🙂

1) Do you say “bless you” to your cat or dog (or other pet) when it sneezes? I did that this morning when Chip sneezed & it made me giggle at my impulse. As if he cares, right?

2) Do you talk on your cell phone while in the bathroom? at home? at work? in public restrooms?

3) Do you stalk stars online & actually try to communicate with them?

What made me think of this is something I’ve seen on Twitter where people send @ message tweets to people with a 6 figure list of followers. BIG stars, not regional celebs or local sports stars, but..major ones…say in the Lance Armstrong mode. I can see an occasional reply to something specific they tweet, but I’ve seen people just randomly saying ‘good morning’ to their favorites and I can’t help thinking “really?” I guess I sound mean or like I am bursting their little hope bubble, but c’mon now!! Apply an *ounce* of reality here. No, Lance Armstrong is not going to come over for a beer & no, Adam Lambert is not going to go out clubbing with you, and no, Ellen Degeneres is not going to just mail you tickets to her show!!!!!!!!!! But hey, if you’ve got all the time in the world to sent multiple tweets to stars during the day – knock yourself out.

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  1. I’ve seen that on twitter, too and my thoughts were exactly as yours.

    Funny story about bathrooms and cell phones: I was at Target the other night and I had a feeling my son was going to call me because it was time for him to be driving home and he calls me on his way home some days. I had that feeling when I put my purse on the hook on the inside of the stall door. In fact, a paused but the floor was wet so I put the purse on the hook where I could not reach it from a sitting position. And yes, sure enough, my son called and I couldn’t reach the phone. The funny thing is that I was in a bathroom with about six stalls and it was crowded, but quiet in there. I have different ringtones for many of the people that call me and my son’s ringtone was certainly not a welcome one in a women’s restroom. It begins with a “Pssst, hey that sounds good!” Not what you want to hear in the restroom, coming from the stall next to you!


    1. Oh that’s too funny Corina! And I’ve been stuck in JUST that situation too – purse on the door and you KNOW someone is about to call & sure enough they do!

      This gal at work was walking out of the bathroom with the phone to her ear in deep conversation – no way it had just started while she washed her hands (I know she did since she was at the sink as I walked in – so there’s that anyway!) But it was just SO weird to me! At work!


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