Glee stars GQ photo shoot – eh?

So apparently there is some raging debate going on about the photo shoot that three of the stars of Glee did for GQ

Bear in mind here, that the ladies are both 24 and the gent is 28. ADULTS here folks. ADULTS! Fully capable of choosing what they do.

According to this article though, The Parents Television Council has formally complained about the photo shoot. Beyond the fact that I almost never agree with any sort of Parents Council type group (you know where those sticks are, right?), I have another couple of points to add to the fact that those actors are, well, actors and also – ADULTS!

  1. Glee is a family show only if you consider it to be for middle schoolers and up. It’s not, and never has been and never was intended to be a G rated family show. It’s pretty much borderline on the PG rating some episodes (hello – Finn experiencing premature ejaculation in a hot tub and then believing that’s how Quinn got pregnant?!!) As the article I linked to indicates, the creator of the show has always been open about the adult content. So, as a parent, if you are allowing your kids to watch this show without being totally aware of what they will see/hear, then the problem lies with you – not these photos!
  2. Is GQ a family magazine??? Not the last time I checked! So please, Parents Television Council – please tell me why you are so concerned about little Billy or Betty seeing these photos? I mean, the raunchiest of them are INSIDE the magazine. The cover is tame by today’s standards. Unless mommy or daddy buys this magazine and then shows them to the kiddies, I just don’t see how THEY would even see it. So again – the responsibility here lies with….say it with me now – THE PARENTS!

I know, I sound harsh, but these sorts of things always make me laugh at the absurdity of it all. Seems to me people are being much to quick to get their hot pink panties in a wad 🙂

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  1. Actually, there’s a more objectionable aspect to that magazine issue. They list the “Coolest Small Cities in America”, and include Portland, Maine …. but only write about restaurants and general stores; not citing BiPM and the CSM as the city’s finest attributes.


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