#88’s final game this season – Ref’s 6 – TP 3


We had no idea at the time, but in the final game this season for #88, he made the final tackle of the game (that’s not a good thing since he’s a wide receiver!)

It was an evenly matched defensive struggle, punctuated with a few frustrating penalties by the Falcons. A field goal early in the 3rd quarter was the only scoring until the referees gave the game to other side. I don’t say that lightly. As the other team was driving late in the 4th quarter, they were faced with a 4th down and long yards. Another stop for our defense and the game would have likely been over. They passed over the middle – low, and at the receivers feet – so low that every EXCEPT the referees saw that the ball hit the ground. Ok, perhaps it was not as blatant as I make it sound, but it was also not nearly as close as it could have been. It bounced. They ruled it a catch, and the next thing you know the other team scored and that was that. The reason our guy made a tackle is because on their final, desperate possession trying to regain the lead, a pass was intercepted right in front of him and he had to bring the defender down. Grumble!

Record at this point: 2-3 but with some hope as the defense played a much improved game compared to the previous week.

He didn’t get hurt in the game. It was the following week, 2nd day of practice when he was tackled (yeah, they threw to him in practice – never a game!) with just the wrong angle and his knee was twisted. Hoped it was just a minor sprain but two weeks in and he still can’t walk up and down stairs without pain. Heading to the orthopedist today to see what is up. But with just 3 games left, we are not hopeful for a comeback this season.

Here’s the only shot of him in action from his last game:

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