Friday beauty – Halloween + Civic Pride


Death star pumpkin

Even though I have never carved a pumpkin, they are my favorite Halloween decoration by far. That flickering, glowing orange orb is just so perfect for a spooky night. As a child the church hosted these truly awesome Halloween parties complete with a reenactment of the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown story and some truly fantastic jack o’ lantern carvings.  I must say this Death Star example is particularly intricate & creative!!

Another thing of beauty eh? I always love the pictures that my media twitter friends send of the White House throughout the day and seasons. Such a gorgeous place. And something on many folks minds thanks to the mid term elections coming up on Tuesday. So please go out there and VOTE!

And no, I promise I wont put a Pledge To Vote badge on your Facebook wall! I had to block that application after 15 attempts by my friends to post one on my page. Civic Pride is awesome and I do want ALL of you who are eligible to turn in a ballot, but I really don’t need it splashed all over my Facebook page 😉

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