Some of My Favorite Links

A friend questioned me on the wisdom of taking on a daily blogging challenge this month. He’s right – that was a rather crazy thing to do right now. I *thought* I would be able to pile up some posts early on that I could schedule out. Hah!

I absolutely NEED to do that somehow over the next four days because I will be traveling with Alex’s rugby team from Wed-Sat. The second half of the month will be much easier, but this next 10 days…yikes!

OK, enough whining – today’s suggested topic – a list of useful/favorite links.

Urban Dictionary

A friend actually asked me the other day what “ROFLMAO” meant after I texted it to her in response to something she had sent me. So I sent her that handy link right there to save for future use in case she saw another acronym she didn’t know. Beyond looking up something specific though, this site is a sometimes too revealing peek into the daily lives & conversations of today’s teens and twenty-somethings. Just scroll down through the daily submissions of terms/phrases on the main page and go ahead and clutch your pearls! Am I glad I’m way old and beyond all that drama + nonsense!!


One would hope that *everyone* knows about Snopes by now. Heck, even my parents know about it! And yet…I still see people on Facebook naively passing around stories as if they are true. Now, what I *like* about Snopes is that, if something is true, they will tell you. They don’t simply set out to debunk wild tales – they will get right down in the weeds to source it if they can. I linked up there to their Hot 25 page listing the 25 most widely circulated legends for today. You’ll notice the Heartbleed Bug on there which is a verified real threat to your online security.


Ah, Facebook – where not only will people pass on those old & new urban legends, but they will also fall for every scam created specifically *for* the Facebook user. I swear that site is awesome for connecting with old friends and family. However, there are SO MANY users who otherwise do not use the internet that much and are not savvy or skeptical at all about what they find on there. So they fall victim to scams created just for their special brand of internet naivete. What I love about Facecrooks is that they not only highlight FB specific scams, but they also provide excellent up to the minute advice on how to keep your Facebook page secure.

BuzzFeed Animals

No, really – I know BuzzFeed is annoying to many folks, but honestly the animals section is a sure fire place to go to wipe your brain of any stresses you might have. Read too much bad news on all those other more serious sites? Just click over onto a page like the 100 Most Important Cat Pictures and see how quickly you start to relax, smile, and laugh.

Cat 98

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