Floral Inspiration




Don’t you wish there was a scratch & sniff computer app? That jasmine is so wonderful. Yes, that’s the same plant that I had to chop down to nearly nothing before the fence was put in late in 2011. There were a few small branches of blooms last year, but this year, I think they will be back to nearly full strength.

Given that this week – yes, the last week of February which has been established to be the Monday of Months – I have to struggle with performance evaluations in a system that is still, STILL, not user friendly at all, these flowers really helped to improve my mood. Memo to HR, get your shit together please. It’s 2014, and I’d like to use an e-form designed in this decade and a rating system that allows for more than an increase from 3.44 to 3.47 overall score (on a scale of 5). How useless and unmotivating is THAT?

Anyway……I need to dive into that whether I like it or not. Happy Wednesday – book club report to follow later this week.

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