Friday beauty – rainy day sunset

An orange/pink glow coloring the back yard
Rainbow to the east
No wonder the whole world looked orange or pink - look at that sky!
Bouganvilla silloutte

5 thoughts on “Friday beauty – rainy day sunset

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      1. Eeeep… as the frogs say around here. Yes, it does say sunSET. It was pre-caffeine when I stopped by this morning. Sorry ’bout that.

        I’ll email you soon with dates and I still have your cell phone number (unless it’s changed) from our last visit. 🙂


  1. Sort of like looking at the world through rose colored glasses! I love the pictures, especially that sky! We’re waiting for our rain here. It was supposed to arrive yesterday and we’re still waiting. I doubt I will get out in it. It’s supposed to be a very heavy rain storm with high winds, so I’m sure I will be staying in.


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