Around the house

Conversation with the 25 year old over the phone:

Him: “Mom, what do you call someone who uses a fake name? You know, someone who writes a book, not anonymously but under a pen name or something that’s not really their own name. Is that a pseudonym?”

Me: “Yes, exactly….” (thinking to myself, hmmm, wonder if he’s reading something interesting & trying to figure out who the author really is)…”why, what are you reading?”

Him: “Oh, nothing, J and I were just discussing porn stars and…..”

Bubble, burst. Silly me. What ELSE would two twenty-something males discuss?

Conversation with the 14 year old:

Him: “Mom, can you please call my phone? I can’t remember where I left it.”

Me: Dial….RING RING….

Him – reaching into his now vibrating pants pocket: “Oh, heh. Found it thanks!”

Conversation with both of them:

Me – in the garage, testing out my new hands free car connector that hooks up my phone to the radio to listen to music AND also answer the phone: Text to the 14 year old first: “Hey, I’m testing something, can you please call my phone?”……………silence (even though I know the phone is with him because he was JUST texting his friend!.

Me – still in the garage now giving up on the younger one, I text the 25 year old who was just in his room with his phone right in front of him on the desk as he sat at his computer: “Hey, I’m testing something, can you please call my phone?”………….more silence! Grrrrrrr

Three more attempts between the two of them and FINALLY, I had to CALL.

Both of them: “Oh, sorry – I spaced ’cause I was into the tv show/computer game”

Sigh…whoever thinks texting is the easiest/fastest way to reach their generation didn’t have to deal with these two!

Conversation with 14 year old & his dad:

Me to my ex: “Hey, I heard from SportsBoy that your dad missed his flight because it’s already snowing in Stockholm? Really? Isn’t it kind of early for so much snow to delay flights?”

Him: “Oh, yes, there is some snow, but that’s not why he missed his flight.”

14 year old and I in unison: “Then what happened?”

Him: “Dad read his ticket wrong. He thought his *arrival* time in Hamburg for his connection was actually his *departure* time from Stockholm so he was 90 mins late!”

They say characteristics skip a generation…….HELP!

At least they keep me laughing, right?



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  1. And they keep your readers laughing, too!

    My 20 y/o says she doesn’t answer texts right away and then forgets so I should email her because she’ll remember. So I email her and still hear nothing back for days and days (she lives in Maryland, going to school there). When I finally call her, which is difficult to do with the time zone difference and her being in school and working, she says she saw the email but didn’t have time to open it so she saved it and then it got buried!


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