May Day Sunshine

It was 64 degrees as I drove in to work this morning. Gray and cloudy like the videos below. However, word on the weather news was that we would gain a hefty 25 degrees in the next 48 hours. Yipes!

After a mildly annoying day filled with miscommunication, lack of communication and then a cancelled meeting (not yet re-scheduled which is also annoying since it needs to happen by Friday, grrrr)…I remembered that perhaps I should check out the outdoors to see if the sun was out at least.

Yes, it was and yes, it was already feeling warmer. Photos from a much needed walk today are a little bit brighter as a result

Afternoon walk at work 5-1-13

Click on the collage to see it full sized. I played a little more with borders and backgrounds. I love the single, bright red leaf in that one tree. A holdover from the fall? I don’t know, but it sure stands out.

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