Cats, flowers, and the moon – oh my!

Amber posing for her closeup. She's up on the midway point stair rail ledge.
Amber poses above the Crooked Acres Cat Calendar for 2011 feature the November pinup feline - Sugarbutt. We sure do love our Crooked Acres kitties!
Mini Daffodils all confused and blooming in October

Plumbago adding some blue to the corner
Mini fuschia up close - check out the drop of water to the far right. I love this camera's close up setting!
Standard size single fuschia - as confused as the daffodils it is still covered in flowers in the fall!
Lobelia in it's last throes with daffodils & plumbago in the background
The full and pre-storm glowing moon from last week.

Does anyone know which planet is right there next to the moon in the sky? It was also super bright Wednesday night.

So those are my samples as I keep trying to learn how to use the new Canon EOS Rebel. So many auto settings that I am still only have partially figured out and don’t even get me started on the manual ones!

Now I get to start the “taking photos of holiday lights at night” experiment. Because yes, Renee & and I put up indoor lights at both our places this weekend. While Eve napped of course, she’s the Grinchy one 😉 We figured that Thanksgiving is so early and now it’s dark early, so why not get a head start on adding some sparkle to our lives? You sure don’t need to twist my arm!

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    1. She’s a complete ham – and is rarely in any sort of supreme motion unless Chip is chasing her. Now, you will see less portraits of him because he is way more skittish and in motion more often. He also sleeps out of sight vs in the general living area.


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