The warmth of lights

I know, I know – it’s not even Thanksgiving yet! But…it’s dark when I get home now. And I am hosting Turkey Day this year and I want the house to look festive and nothing says festive like LIGHTS!

Besides, Alex will be gone at Christmas this year so this is the bigger family event of the season.

(This is where you may fairly point out that Alex doesn’t give a rats butt about holiday lights. Shut up. Let me use him as an excuse!)

And I should point out that while we DID play Christmas music while we decorated the girls’ condo on Saturday – we did NOT play music while we decorated my house on Sunday. We had a football game on the TV instead 🙂

Anyway, here’s the results which I am thoroughly enjoying and I must say, VERY impressed with the photo quality. Feeling hopeful about getting decent representations of the outdoor display this year.

Dining room

Oh, I should also mention that these are pre-strung green garlands from Wal-Mart. Fingers crossed (and so far, so good) that the cats continue to ignore such things as they do with the tree and mantle and piano lights from years passed. I think they are mature enough now to leave these things alone.

Living room

Yes, the extra chairs and table that I put out for the August Moms visit in October are still out and about. Which is fine since I will need them next week.

View of all three from dining room

As you can see – there were no other lights on in the house when I took the photos. That is how we have it most nights after the dishes are done.

OK, so yes, the TV might be on but this is still a lot prettier overall.

And those who know me – yes – this is just the beginning 🙂

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