Whatta week!

Let’s see….

  • I ran twice – taking advantage of the morning light I got back out there running a little over 2 miles Monday and today at around an 11:30 minute mile rate. Yes, 2 minutes slower than the race, but that’s fine. It’s just about maintaining my fitness right now with unpredictable weather barreling down on us. I would LOVE to get in a track/speed run or a longer trail run with my friends but I gotta squeeze in whatever I can right now. Man, it felt good though!
  • Alex is done with football. He suffered a chest contusion in last week’s game. They FINALLY called a play for him to catch a pass and the damn linebacker speared him helmet to the chest as he reached out to catch the ball! Now, given how Not Tall my kid is, and given that the pass was AT his chest level, you know that the defender was bending DOWN, head first in order to do that. This was not inadvertent. And no, there was NO FLAG! Β It was such a brutal game. Alex was the second receiver injured after in illegal tackle and neither one was flagged. Plus they both didn’t catch the ball. Plus they lost the game. It was all around NOT FUN. Oh, and it was in the wind and cold and rain. Special! So the team plays its last game tomorrow without him. He rests, and then gears up for track after the winter break. Yes, a new sport for us. But hey – he says he wants to run in the mornings too! Of course, he’ll run twice as far as me but….
  • I’ve been writing like a maniac for the website project. This really can and should turn into some extra income soon, but boy is there a lot of up front work! Which is sorta why I then don’t feel like writing in here because I’m a bit drained. However, it is crazy fun and stimulating and I’m loving the challenge. It’s like it opened up a whole dusty corner of my brain that hasn’t been used all these years. Which is rough since I am getting to be an Old Dog and you know what they say about New Tricks and such…well..wait..I did start running this year didn’t I? ANYTHING is possible!
  • I will post picture this weekend of some random photos I took around the house with the new camera. Yes, there will be cats. And the moon! Oh, did you see the moon last night? It was stunning! And yes, it does make my cats even more insane than usual. Scary.
  • I went to a high school volley ball game tonight. What FUN! The girl who played baseball with the boys all those years has grown into a 6’2″ stunning blonde volleyball maniac. She made the varsity team as a freshman this year and they are in the CIF playoffs. I finally had time on a Thursday night to go watch and I am so very glad I did. Damn that girl is GOOD!! We are going again Tuesday night for sure πŸ™‚
  • I will begin whining now about Mother Nature and her propensity to rain on the weekends. Dammit.

..and that’s all I can think of now..stay warm and dry out there.

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  1. My son has been out all season, and the team is in the playoffs!! Ugh!! All we can do is try to support, right?

    Oh yeah…and the moon was BEAUTIFUL!! It made ME crazier than usual though. πŸ˜‰


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