It’s my one year runniversary!

Or, as close as I can estimate anyway. I do know that I signed up for a Runkeeper account in April and started doing a combination of walking & running. In fact, my original profile from then shows me as a walker with my goal of transitioning from walking to running.

So, one year (or so) later and I just switched that to reflect that I am a *runner* and that my goal is to *run faster*!

Tonight, I did run faster. In fact, I set a PR (Personal Record) for my typical 2.6 mile hilly run around my neighborhood. I dug back into my activities and found this one to be the oldest version of this particular route:

This is actually the shorter version without one extra smaller hill added to the loop. However, just a few weeks after starting to run, this was also my first complete non-stop route. No walking according to my notes. Also my first time making up the Del Mar Trails hill just outside my house. Of course, that hill is nothing compared to Torrey Pines which I have also since conquered, but at the time I remember how intimidating it was to me and I didn’t believe I would ever be able to RUN the whole way up.

As I wrote this weekend, I was kind of discouraged about the 5k race this weekend. Sure, I know it was the wind that held me back, but after a year and with it being my 3rd race and an very easy, flat course, I was pissed about my time. So tonight I went out for a run feeling quite angry. I knew I only had time to do the 2.6 mile loop, but I was determined to run it with full effort. No heart rate monitor. No looking at the Runkeeper to see how I was doing. Just hit the pavement and go. Well, clearly that worked!

A 9.07 pace!!!! At that speed I would have done the 5k in 29 minutes! Dangit. And that was WITH hills. Ok, so that means there was a forgiving downhill portion too but hey  even it all out and I know that I can hit that 9 min mile pace on a flat 5k. I KNOW it!

Anyway, the point is – I’ve been running for a year and I definitely feel secure in calling myself a runner now. All I could think of this morning was figuring out a way to fit in a run tonight to make up for Saturday’s mess.Yes, I look forward to running and a good run can pump me up like nothing else.

Also? It lets me drink more BEER without guilt! Cheers!



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