Race week!

This is a massive race weekend for us. Alex and I are both running in the 5k on Saturday and he (and all of our Leg UP teammates) is doing the triathlon. It’s a little different because it is swim/bike/run/swim/bike/run – yep, 6 laps. The TOTAL distance is still the same as a classic sprint triathlon that they normally do, but sliced in smaller chunks. So, imagine me, on Sunday, trying to take photos of everyone as they scamper all over the damn place!! I swear I am going to be more worn out taking photos than I will after my own run on Saturday. Of course, it isn’t a RACE for me in the classic sense unless you count that I will be racing myself. I’m hoping to at LEAST beat my own best time of 33mins. Alex wants to run it in 20 mins. Yeah, slightly different goals there πŸ™‚

And now to the complaint portion:

So TODAY I went out with Eve & Renee before work to run sprints. It was a great workout actually. I didn’t feel nearly as wiped out after it as I feared, BUT, I also didn’t have a spring in my step when I got to work, right? So, what do I find there? Well, the elevator is not working for a 2nd day in a row which is fine since I pretty much never take it AND I tend to get to the basement and just stay there until I leave for the day. But today, the bathrooms in the basement – ALL OF THEM – were out of service while some emergency repairs were being done. So we had to go UP stairs. TWO floors. Every time. No elevator. It just figures this happens on the day I did a sprint workout, right?!!

Can you believe I did a sprint workout and LIKED IT?

Can you believe I am RUNNING a 5k this weekend?

Yeah, I’m pretty sure hell is a bit warmer this week πŸ™‚

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  1. I have always been big into running, and ran all throughout my school years. Now that I am an adult with a little child I love it even more. My favorite time of year to run is in the Fall when all the leave are changing and the air is cool πŸ™‚ I put my daughter in the stroller and off we go! Hopefull this year we will get out and do a race πŸ˜‰


  2. Thank you so much for this post, I’d just like to say that you must be so excited for the race!!! Best of luck . I am preparing for my furst 5k and I am pretty stoked. I have never ran a race like this.. any pointers?


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