Back to the complaint box

I took a break since I was on a vacation of sorts and this is my first week back to a normal schedule.

Vacation with the August moms was awesome – returning home? Not so much.

So here’s complaint #1 – why is it that a rather large slice of the male population does not take injury or illness all that seriously? In this category of males I now firmly lump Sports Boy, Music Man and Sports Boy’s father. All three of them brushed off the potential seriousness of SB’s obvious concussion symptoms after the 10/6 football game he played. I had the distinct pleasure of dealing with this all when I returned home on the 10th. Three solid days and no one thought it might be a good idea to take him to a doctor. SIGH…………..

Complaint #2 – why do things like the above only happen when there is also a cell phone issue? Such as SB losing the battery to his phone when he dropped it the night of the football game? So that there was no easy way for him to contact me and vice versa? As one of the moms put it – may we all have Cell Phone Serenity NOW!

Complaint #3 – sidewalk hogs. This morning I was out running. I was staying on the sidewalk because it was still partially dark as the sun wasn’t completely up and it was foggy. The sidewalk was nice and wide. Coming in the other direction were three women, one of them with a dog on a leash. They were strolling towards me. Lots of time to see each other approaching. Since they were talking 3 abreast (+ dog), the were taking up the whole sidewalk. Which meant that in order to pass I either had to swing out onto the grass or out into the street. If you don’t run, you may not know that you try to get into a rhythmic stride and that the surface you are running on can impact that. One of the times that my hip started aching was after I took a mis-step avoiding a low hanging branch. But again, these ladies were STROLLING – there was plenty of time for just ONE of them to step back or forward to string out their group and make room for me to pass on the sidewalk. Three seconds maybe when they would no longer be shoulder to shoulder. Do you think that any of them made a move like that? Hell no. At the very last minute the one closest to me squeezed in against her dog and her friend so that I could barely brush by, one foot up on the grass berm. I’m sorry, but REALLY? Are you that wrapped up in yourself that you can’t move over to let someone pass? I know we are advised to give people breaks, don’t assume they are being mean on purpose. Maybe they are having a bad day, or just aren’t paying attention blah blah blah.

Or maybe, as yet another wise August Mom put it, some people are simply raised by wolves.


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