More Snapshots

And now, the rest of the weekend in pictures to limit my writing time 🙂

Start line for the Chargers 5k on Sat morning
Yes, the race was THIS crowded!
In the stadium after the race – we were both not happy with our times. It was hot, hilly and crowded on the course.

I finished in 31:25 and 15 finished in 25:08. The best part was the ramp entrance into the stadium at the end. It was a perfect downhill and it totally shot you into sprint mode no matter how tired you felt and we both totally flew across the finish line grinning. Of course, neither of us remembered to look up and SEE ourselves do that.

Post race beer with the girls on Sat afternoon. Got to keep the sweet glass.
Renee on Sunday morning in Solana Beach heading in to drop gear off at transition
All smiles pre-race.

Unfortunately, she had a very rough time in the ocean – this was her first open ocean race – and *only* placed 6th. Which just shows how well she did on the bike and run despite feeling dead from simply trying to survive the swim.

Post race day at the races – watching horses run instead of us! Coach Tanja teaching us how to bet.

The racetrack day was a blast. I learned a ton about how to bet on the races and even with minimum wagers I was up $10 and had won something in half the races. Then came the last one when I decided to kind of go for it and just bet along with Tanja who had won something EVERY race (including a pretty hefty trifecta in race #4). And of course, the last race is only one we ALL lost (dammit!). Still, within the group the ones who had a little money to play with (meaning able to place more than the minimum bet) won a pretty nice chunk.

We followed up with a celebratory dinner (paid for by one of the big winners) which made for a VERY long day of activities since I left the house initially at 5:30am and didn’t get home until 8:30pm. It was one of those weekends when I now need a weekend to recover from the weekend! Phew!







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