Where I was yesterday:

Deep Fried Oreos at the Orange County Fair – my annual indulgence.
With my Adam Fan Gal Pals, Vicki, Jan & Holly
This is the view from my seat in the pit courtesy of more Jan ticket karma/magic
Adam Lambert in Costa Mesa July 19, 2012
Yes, I could see his blue blue eyes.
Most of the time I just got shots of the spot lights behind him. As close as I was it was still hard to time it with just my iphone. But it was an amazing night!

And now, where I will be tomorrow:

Race bibs for me and Alex and the very cool t-shirt they gave out for the Bolt to the Q 5K run tomorrow.

We are all hoping for a no-barfing-on-the-stadium-turf race from Alex 🙂 Really don’ t need to see that on the jumbotron! Of course, since we start running at the same time, I wont have to worry about seeing that as he will finish close to 10 minutes before me. I’m just hoping not to collapse on the uphill portion we will cover before the first mile marker.







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