Let the games begin! (I need the distraction)


Ah summer, when my day job gets so intense that I have no brain left to drive home let alone write a blog post!

Also, whose idea was it to have my kid jam a one year online math class into not even three months? As if Mr Lazy & Unmotivated was going to be able to keep that up without Xbox removal and major parental nagging!  He was supposed to be done with Semester 1 on the 20th. He finished it last night. He’ll most likely earn a B in the class which is good but LAWDY was it a major pain to get him through finishing a damn multi-media project and some discussions at the end.

Now he starts semester 2 which he has to finish by 8/31. And regular school starts on 8/28. And 2 a day football practices start 8/8. Yay?

At least we got his knee checked out and the MRI was clear. He’s had nagging knee pain off and on for a few years now – mostly at its worst when he first starts working out running drills. Turns out he just needs some physical therapy to learn the right stretches to loosen up his hamstrings which are pulling on one particular spot causing the pain. Kind of like my hip bursitis from a tight T-band that flared up when I first started running. Once I learned the right stretches to do, it has been totally under control.

So thankfully the Olympics start tonight which means I will have something mindless to just veg out to on the TV every night for a couple of weeks.

And if I haven’t bored you enough yet, there will be pictures of E&R’s blind kitties – I’m on cat-sitting duties this weekend while they are out of town for a wedding so I can blog about someone else’s cats for once instead of my two crazy pants fur balls.


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