Monday Cat Blogging

I warned you I would have cat pictures from the weekend 🙂

First, the two blind kitties I took care of while their mamas were out of town. The Punks as they are known, can be seen more here with an explanation of why they are without eyes.

Miracle (Miss Moo) contemplating a sofa leap
Since she is the friendliest cat I’ve ever met, she quickly came up for some love.
Tulip (Miss Tu) is the opposite of Moo – she’s much more likely to hiss and bite than want to be close.
However, she can get very flirty and give you head butts and rub up against your leg and then flop to the floor and roll
She stretches to her full, slim length and flits her tail back and forth and tilts her head up at you challenging you to pet her – Don’t Do It!

Meanwhile, back at my house and Chip was feeling very photogenic and more active/curious than usual:

Getting love from his human. I kinda like the double devil eye thing going on here.
On Saturday I was cleaning out the cabinets in the kitchen and went to take out some trash leaving a chair in an odd place…
I was quite surprised to see Mr Cautious checking things out….
Guess he wanted to make sure I used the correct cleaning products…
“Ok mama, it all looks good, you can get me down now!”
Meanwhile, Amber wonders why all those cats were working so hard. “Don’t they know we are supposed to sleep all day?!”











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