Move 2008 – Week 28 and food for the baseball lover’s soul

A great week (finally!) when I met all my goals by Friday. Not only did I make it through an avg of 5-20 mins aerobic sessions, but I also increased my arm weight reps from 150 per routine to 180 during two of them.

After 2 hours of yard work mostly trimming way overgrown shrubs and filling two containers with debris, I decided to reward myself with a Padres game. Oh wait, first a photo of a flower on what is really a weed on the slope, but which is really quite pretty and I have no clue what it is! :

The yellow flowers bloomed at the top of an over 4 foot stalk growing at the top of the slope on the side yard. I took that picture from insied the wall of the flowers which are just on the other side, but have grown so high that they are visible over the top. If the stalk itself was not so gangly looking and kind of ugly, I’d be more inclined to let these grow! I still might…not really in the mood to climb to the top and pull stuff out!

MusicMan brought home some corn plants yesterday so we are brainstorming what to clear out so they can be planted.

Baseball – the motivation last night was the celebration of the 10 year anniversary of the 1998 National League Championship season. Given that was the year I made the final leap away from the Dodgers to the Padres (Piazza was traded away that year and he had been my main motivation for still keeping an eye on the Dodgers) I have a lot of memories of that season. 7/25/98 is when they first started playing Hells Bells for Trevor Hoffman as he came in to pitch. He had 51 saves that year (his uniform number!) and Greg Vaughn hit 50 home runs which the first time ever for a Padre player (not ever matched). The image of over 50,000 fans at Qualcomm stadium waving white towels was repeated over and over. Including the night that the Yankees completed their World Series sweep over the Padres. Except that the fans didn’t care. They stayed out there and waved those towels and cheered and cheered until the team came back out from the clubhouse (once the Yankees had gone into theirs to celebrate) and the fans of San Diego got to show their appreciation to the team one last time. Not one fan left and not one player stayed in the clubhouse. It was a big season not just for the team but also for the city as just a few weeks later the referendum passed to allow construction of a downtown ballpark – what would become Petco Park.

I was sitting behind the dugout and first base and had a wonderful view. I love how the current Padres are sitting at the top of the dugout to watch the ’98 players. There were plenty of tear producing moments, but having general manager Kevin Towers bring out the jersey of the late Ken Caminiti….


The other cool thing is that in the month of July hot dog and sodas are only $1!!! So I ate dinner for $3. The team lost as usual…oh well. It was still a nice evening.

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