Happy Birthday!

You know what happens when your child is 23? You realize that you have taken very few pictures of them with your digital camera!! I need to scan some old ones in 😉 The one above is a few years old, but actually a pretty good representaiton of how he looks now anyway (hair is not as long or as blonde but at least this in this picture he *has* hair!) On 7/14/85 I was watching Live Aid on MTV and went into labor. I did all the things you were supposed to do throughout the day – went for a walk, took a long shower, stayed relaxed and made the decision to go the hospital at just the right time. My water broke as the Sea World fireworks were going off. No meds because once things got rolling it all happened too fast. As you can see even from this picture he has always been long and thin! He’s also always been loving and affectionate with a very tender heart. Also sharp as could be – though not something he applied in school (sigh). There are many who are perhaps surprised to know he’s made it to 23..given some of his less sharp moments in the past 5 years or so. But, he has and while he still has some debts to pay, I really do think he’s turned a corner.

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  1. I’ve noticed that about my 23 and 33 year old sons — very few digital photos of either of them.

    My 23-year-old was 2 months old when I was listening to Live Aid on the radio (we didn’t have cable tv at the time). Funny how you just brought back a ton of memories. 🙂

    Happy, happy birthday to your son!


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