Ack! I’m supposed to post!

Being in last day before travel mode, I did not prepare a post for today. I should have taken pictures and written about last night’s dinner. No pictures, but it was Bahama Burgers. The ground beef and seasonings were provided – I had to mix them together and form 3 burger patties. Buns and pineapple salsa were provided. The burger was GOOD. I’m not a fan of pineapple salsa so I skipped that but SweetPrince delcared it a nice topping for his burger. I added roasted potato wedges with some rosemary/garlic seasoning and a salad. Very nice. Tonight I will make salmon which will leave me enough dinners to get through next week for sure.

Meanwhile I have done laundry and packed and made a list of things I need to get tonight (after nails are done and face is waxed – PRIORITIES!!). I like to leave the house clean so all that is now done. I mentally checked out of work yesterday 🙂 It’s so hard to just come to work for 2 days! However, I do have one large task I must complete today and THEN I can space out totally and mentally start flying to Austin.

I downloaded the session list and have my favorites circled. I cannot believe that even the 3rd time around I will get the chance to meet some new faces. Writers such as the much beloved Meteor Blades & Nyceve who exposes the health care industry better than Michael Moore ever could. Orangeclouds will have a food panel, Markos and Harold Ford will debate the differences in the Democratic party between the DLC and progressive netroots. Speaker Nancy Pelosi is sticking her neck out and taking questions (pre-submitted, but still!). Howard Dean and Richard Clarke return for their third years as speakers or panelists. I am a tad disappointed that Obama wont be there – watching the forum last year I was thinking that by this time we would have a nominee (and we almost didn’t!) and for sure that person would be here. But, this is when he is beginning his overseas tour. No matter – nearly every key staffer from his campaign will be there. I think there is an Obama related workshop in every time slot!

What really matters though are the friends I will see. I have to admit to being particularly excited to seeing CommonSenseMainer again. We bonded so well in Chicago and have counted down the weeks and months until Austin. I already warned Bill that CSM will be mine 🙂 He’s arranged a dinner tomorrow night that will be well attended by our Cheers and Jeers friends and more. There are parties being thrown every night. Including – yes! – the return of the chocolate fountain!! We missed that last year.

SportsBoy is now with his grandma in the middle of Sweden (he had been in Stockholm all this time). He has access to IM from there so all is well.

Anyhoo – that is the random and boring post of the day to satisfy my NaBloPoMo committment.

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  1. It’s always so incredibly hard to get ready for a trip, isn’t it? And when kids are involved, either leaving them behind or taking them with, exponentially harder.

    Well, I’m not sure what you’re heading to in Austin, but the line-up sounds fabulous. Have a good one! Oh, and I just wanted to say I’m so thrilled by all your dinner ideas. Just reading about them gives me more incentive to get more passionate about cooking.


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