Move 2008 – Week 32 Olympic Edition #1

Another great week for weights. 6 full routines. I actually lost count of how many reps I am doing. A minimum of 200, but possibly more. I’ve been doing them in two stages with some stretching in between. And you know what? Just as happened when I was quite dedicated about going to Curves, my headaches/neckaches are greatly dimished. In the last 30 days I’ve had NO neck pain at all. And that includes when hormones should have triggered a headache! Twice I’ve woken up with sinus pain, but one does of Claritin and Excedrine has knocked it out. No recurrence. You better believe that I am keeping up whatever routine has allowed such a pain free streak! Be it what I am eating/drinking or my exercise routine or perhaps both, I wont be messing with it! What really shocked me was that this was WITH the trip to Austin thrown in when I ate pretty dang poorly. I did move a lot, though of course there were no weight routines, but lots of walking. Normally though, if I return from travelling and then go right into hormone week (which I did), I will suffer a particularly bad headache cycle because my routines hav ebeen thrown off and I am tired. Not so this time. Truly shocking in a very good way.

So, the Olympics! Heaven for a sports nut like me. Heck, I turned on the tv at 6:30am and watched whatever was on which this morning consisted of dressage, soccer and archery! I watched badminton and volleyball yesterday morning. Now I am watching basketball which is more traditional I suppose, but it’s a nice story. Team USA – The Redeem Team is actually participating in the games this year. No, they are not staying in the atheletes village, BUT, they are going over there to eat and hang out and they are attending other sport’s games. They needed to do this after a disastorous turn in Athens when they were strictly superstars and not Olympians. So far, they are kicking team China’s butt and I cannot believe I am rooting for Kobe Bryant, but hey, he’s Team USA right now 🙂 I’ll go back to booing him after he helps bring home a gold.

Anyhow, watching these atheletes is a big motivator to MOVE.  I think I’ll go pedal during the last part of this game.

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  1. Well, I’m doing great on my “toning” goal and poor on both the cardio and eating goals! But week 33 is a whole new week, right?


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