Saturday, Saturday!

Yes, Elton John is still on my brain.


Thank you so much for all the responses to my survey. And if you haven’t answered – please do! Even if you have not received anything, I’d like to know. I’ve also found a great resource to combat the one email sample that was posted which I will share later.


Since I do write a bit on politics, I would be remiss not to comment on John Edwards. Though he was never my first choice candidate, I was quite impressed with him at the California Dem convention in April 07 and I liked many of his policies, particularly his commitment to addressing poverty and healthcare with bold ideas that needed to be highlighted. Obviously marital fidelity is not a requirement to be President. So many throughout history have had their dalliances. It’s even rather well known that John McCain strayed from his first marriage when he met Cindy. The issue though, as it was with Clinton, is the lying. That is what is unacceptable. The even bigger issue for me as a Democrat though, is that he and his wife who I admire so much, have disappointed me so greatly now that I know that they knew about this situation and still chose to launch another Presidential campaign. What a risk they took! If Edwards had won the nomination, this revelation would have completely destroyed his chances.  Why would they risk doing that to the party? And yes, I have to lump Elizabeth in on this criticism since she knew before she started campaigning for him. Was it utter naivete thinking they could keep it covered? Or supreme egoism (which John blames for the affair)? Perhaps both. Either way, two previously well received members of the party with some very valuable views on critical domestic topics will be largeley silenced now. What a waste.


August Dream Dinner #1 which I made on Thursday night:

It’s called Greek Island Shrimp. A nice chunky marinara based sauce with wine and olive oil and spices and feta cheese. Very very good! Leftovers were darn good tonight too 🙂 I know we are going to enjoy the meals even more this month. As I was making them I was thinking YUM! I did avoid anything with fruit/citrus in it this time. I learned last month that no matter how fast and easy something is, or how popular the recipe might be, I just don’t like that! This month there were more tomato sauce based items which is always safe with my family. And September? Oh wow, looked at that menu and know we will love it already. Meat loaf and stew and the pulled pork again and kabobs and…yeah, ok…August first.


In case it hasn’t been obvious, Sportsboy went to his dad’s on Monday so I have not been on pop warner practice duty. That picks up again next week. Mostly this week has been about my day job since we are preparing for the year end audit. All the schedules are supposed to be finished by the 18th and the auditors arrive on the 25th. After a couple of days of some frustration between people not getting me info, long meetings and then just non stop interruptions with people needed info and help from me, I gave in and went back today. 5 hours on a Saturday alone and I got more done that I had the last two full weekdays! I blasted the speakers with some Alanis and Coldplay and Buffett and plowed through the toughest of the schedules that I needed to get done. Phew!! Thankfully no one else showed up in the basement. Not sure if they would have wanted to hear me singing along as I worked 🙂


Another birthday approaches. And me with no money 😦  I’d still really love to get the Wii since it would be a family gift that would also help me in my exercise routine, but…sigh…it would mean so much money! We’ll see. I’ll go shopping tomorrow and see what I am comfortable with. I would love to get a small hd tv up in my room which would mean a new hd dvr receiver which I want so that I can watch recorded shows there while pedaling. Then SB could have my current tv/dvd combo for his gaming systems which would be much better quality than his current one. But you see how quickly the $$ output jumps, right? OTOH, I could just get him  a gift card to Game Stop so that he can buy some fun games for the computer or PS2 right? That would be the smart thing to do. Let’s see if I can stick with those smart thoughts tomorrow!!


Amber, in her favorite pose when it is hot:

Back to my beer and the TV – well earned today!

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  1. Oh…I could SO use a week off of pop warner practice duty. Too bad I can’t bring my laptop out there and we could cyber-chat together.

    The shrimp dish looks YUMMY!!


  2. Your thoughts about John Edwards are similar, I think, to mine. I have no moral judgments — I trust that most politicians along with a large majority of married people in general — have had affairs. But I was mad that Edwards would have imperiled this election by not coming clean before he ran. Well, it’s water under the bridge at this point, so I’ve just let it flow on by. No use giving up my energy to yet another lying politician.


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