Move 2008 – Week 27 + more food!

IF my weekly goal was 2 – 30 min aerobic routines and 3 strength routines, I would meet it every week. But I should be doing 5 – 20 min routines so I keep falling short. I have caught up enough at work to be able to join the daily walks so that will help. And I’ve been  consistent enough with the hand weights that once the peeling stops, I know I will look pretty darn OK in sleeveless tops. Yes, still peeling and still applying aloe twice a day. I told you it was a pretty damn good burn.

On to the food! We went back to Spread last night:

Apologies as always for the poor picture quality. The phone does a good job in the outdoor daylight, but is only so so indoors. That is the remains of the almondine dish. I’m going to steal from orangeclouds115 again for a description of what we ate because her memory/knowledge is much better than mine!

We started out with a chop salad made with 10 different kinds of heirloom lettuce, strawberries, red carrots, apples, and a thyme vinaigrette. Next up was a truffled almondine made with Spanish almonds, string beans, squash, and beets cooked in a black sesame reduction. We finished our meal with tacos made on corn tortillas with purple potatoes and guacamole. All made from local, organic ingredients picked today.

The chop salad and almondine were amazing. We both agreed we could have stopped right there. And we probably should have given that we already had plans to go to Extraordinary Desserts for an Obama meet up. But, both our eyes had lit up when we saw the description of the tacos. Here is what they looked like:

Besides being basically full once these (4 of them) arrived, I also learned that there is a limit to how far I can stretch my taste buds. Raw tomatoes, zuchini, almons – all things I normally avoid have been consumed happily at Spread. But, the guacamole would not pass. Avocadoes are icky to me no matter how fresh apparently. On top of that, the overall flavor of the tacos was too salty – we both thought so. Which was too bad because the potatoes and the corn and mini corn tortillas were delicious.

Since it was prices that took away from my enjoyment of the last week’s dinner, I should mention that Spread is much better. When I say prices, I mean in proportion to the amount of food. I understand that truly well prepared food will be more expensive, but the problem I had with Whisknladle was paying so much for a such a very small portion. At Spread, while each dish is prepared with the intention that it be shared, it is still plenty of food. If you were going there by yourself, the portion of chopped salad (which I think was $15 or $16) was more than enough so that if you ordered something else, you would be taking food home for sure.I still only had room for some mango sorbet for dessert!

Oh, and I need to thank Robyn for educating me on what a cat does when in heat. Her description and picture allowed me to identify the “funny thing” that orangecloud’s cat Molly was doing! She thought it was funny how Molly would scrunch her legs up and whine…I asked if Molly was fixed – nope! Guess what dear, your cat is in heat! Apparently she was doing some night time howling too. lol! Quite a contrast from my two lazy butts who spent the afternoon pinned to my side yesterday while I read:

That was the view as I looked up from my book. I expect more of the same today.

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