Food challenge for the week

I spent this past week eating a fair amount of junk – bbq at work on the 3rd, just about everything on the 4th at the beach house etc. etc. This week though, I can control things pretty well because I have the dinners already prepared and I bring my own food to work for during the day. Thanks to a diary that orangeclouds posted about two weeks ago, I’ve had High Fructose Corn Syrup on my mind as something to avoid. yes, I am back to her again since she writes so well about the food industry. I’ll give another plug for her blog La Vida Locale since I am using so much of her stuff! Here was the gist of that post:

Did you know that high fructose corn syrup is good for you? Oh yes! So says the Corn Refiners’ Association, which is launching an 18-mo $20-$30 million national ad campaign starting tomorrow. Phew! Time to celebrate with a 42 oz. Coke from McDonalds!

So I am looking at all my labels this week and doing everything I can to avoid HFCS which we should all probably be doing anyway. The yogurt I bought is without it (Horizon). My morning energy drink which *used* to be a Red Bull (I know, bad!), is now a Naked juice energy drink. I’ve just had to face that I need *something* to jump start my brain in the mornings. Otherwise I would get nothing significant done – and would be very grumpy as my mother will happily tell you – until nearly 10am. For whatever reason my brain is just not set to wake up quickly. I’ve tried and I cannot control it. Getting enough sleep is one thing, but even then I just cannot get it started without some help so for years I would go back and forth between coffee, tea, or trying nothing…and nothing just will not work people! Anyhoo….the naked juice drinks work plenty fine and have the added bonus of no HFCS. Which also means no sugar drop later on (which would happen with Red Bull). BIG bonus! So those two items are covered which really during the middle of the week is about all I would have potentially with HFCS. Next week I will be in Austin and who *knows* what I will eat there, but since it is a vacation – who cares?

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