Dream Dinner #2

As you can tell by the bites, I almost forgot to take a picture of this one!! Pulled pork sandwiches. The meat, sauce and bread provided by DD. Corn on the cob on sale at Vons. The suggested side dish was cole slaw, and I suppose a green salad would have been healthier, but the cobs are in season, on sale, and really really yummy right now! Had them at each bbq last week too. Yes, I realize the irony after my psuedo corn rant yesterday! But hey, this wasn’t HFCS. Though, I was not into label reading the night I blended the sauce and I suspect that some may have snuck into one of those ingredients. That was not pre-made bbq sauce – I blended it at Dream Dinners. Honey, dijon mustard and…other stuff that I cannot remember!! But, it was good! Sweet Prince agreed as well. 20 mins of simmering on the stove and it was done.

Next up: Southwest steaks on Wed night.


If you follow my tweets you saw that I was watching a little league all-star game on Sunday. The team that SportsBoy practiced with for his last week in town – and the one he would have been on had he stayed – has made it to the final round of the district tournament. If you following youth sports at all, all-star roads lead eventually to the Little League All Star World Series in Williamsport PA. Well, that is for the 12u team. Which two of our friends from travel ball ARE on – they are so good that they were picked as 11 year olds. This though is the 11u team with many of his other travel ball team mates. I am not sure where *they* finish up eventually, but it’s quite a surprise that they even made it to this District final. Especially when one of their best pitchers was taken up to the 12u level. I watched their semi-final game and they were down 5-1 in their final at-bats and came back – with two outs! – to win 8-5. It was really exciting and a great accomplishment to come back from so far down. Tomorrow night they play in the final and I’m heading out to watch and support our friends. Plus I have to report back to SB the next time he calls.

Yes, I am heading out to Austin next week for the Netroots Nation conference. The alst two years it was called Yearly Kos since it was primarily a gathering of participants on Daily Kos, but it grew so large so fast, that it now encompasses many Democratic blog communitites so they have joined forces. Thanks LSM for the restaurant suggestion! I think we do have a night out still planned without a place in mind. Wed night when I fly in we are meeting at a more traditional Texas bbq and burger joint. From my prior experiences at the conference though, healthy eating is not at a premium šŸ™‚

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  1. We will just have to walk a lot! That will help with all the food and alcohol intake.

    And the meals look delicious.


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