Move 2008 – Week 26

Do any other cat owners have one of these? I call him Bathroom Cat. He can frequently be found either in the shower or else on the floor in front of the shower. Mostly in it though. Always in my bathroom too. More oftne than not when I go in there to use it, he is there. Sometimes he startles me because he is sitting behind the shower doors and I don’t know he is there until he coos.

I should not have jinxed myself last week by predicting good totals. I still managed just 2 aerobics and 3 strength sessions this week. My weight routine consists of 150 reps in chuncks of 20 or 30 with each muscle group in the arms. I pretty much adapted it from the machines I used at Curves which did do a very good job of sculpting my arms. I started at the beginning of the year with just 100 reps, so as I feel myself gaining strength, I add reps. Pretty soon the arm routine will count as another aerobic session because I do get my heart rate up doing it, I just don’t sustain it for 20-30 minutes like I do with my pure aerobic routine on the pedals or walking.

It’s a gorgeous day and I *should* be (and would rather be) doing yardwork, but I pretty much put off the accounting work for pop warner the last month and then we just finished baseball club tryouts this morning so I need to get all that put together. I am hoping for a do nothing day over the 3 day weekend coming up in order to play in the yard.

No word yet from the world traveller! I usually don’t hear from him right away, but I do expect a call or email within the week.

Checking out a new restaurant tonight with Food Gal and Sweet Prince. I predict that a review will be in order for Day 1 of NaBloPoMo food month 😉

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  1. LOL! Yes, I have one of those. Actually, I have two of them: Izzy & Bella. They love the bathtub. And water. Maybe not water so much after today. I put them outside (in a fenced in area) for a little grass grazing, and they got poured on by buckets of rain before I could run out and bring them back in. I’m hoping it will cure them of the need to play with their water dish (frequently dumping it on the floor).

    Izzy likes to hang out in the bathroom when I shower just so she can rub my legs and shed her hair all over them while I’m wet. Ick!!

    I’m looking forward to July’s theme for NaBloPoMo. This is one I think I can do. 🙂


  2. Yes, Pumpkin is a Bathroom Cat also! She jumps up on the edge of the tub as I’m coming out of the shower, and walks inbetween the shower curtain and liner. Too funny. She often goes in the tub, whether it’s wet or dry. In there, it’s also a staging ground for attacks on unsuspecting humans or dogs.

    She does the rubbing against my legs when they’re wet too… big ick. 🙂


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