Move 2008 week 33 and new viral video

Had to go off the schedule with this video. Home made by a Daily Kos member and I think it is so brilliant. Much like Al Gore had to walk a fine line as far as campaigning with Clinton or creating distance (long term analysis is that creating distance hurt him), McCain has a similar type of incumbent problem. Only this time no matter whether he physically stays away from Bush or not, his own actions and votes over the past 8 years show just how tight they really are which should cause trouble with those magical wing voters. I’m glad this video is making the rounds.


In case you’ve followed my tweets, no I did not just nap and play Wii all day yesterday. We also cleaned the house and did laundry and yes, the plants did get watered. It’s really our last weekend totally free though so other than groceries tomorrow, you can bet we will Wii a lot 🙂


Stats: awesome week! Of course, thanks to Wii! Toning went very well and I met my aerobics goals easily too. I’m starting to feel that my arms are stronger – the act of buying 21lbs of kitty litter is not so daunting any more! Yay! How is everyone else doing?


Look at this big ‘ole kitty butt! I think she needs to use the Wii:

2 thoughts on “Move 2008 week 33 and new viral video

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  1. I’m so involved in processing healthy food that I don’t have time to do any healthy moving. I’m hoping that being on my feet all day chopping, dicing, peeling, and otherwise processing food to be canned or frozen will burn enough calories and keep my body in shape enough so that I can pick up where I left off when I finish with The Great Harvest of 2008.

    I’ve decided I want a Wii. It sounds like much more fun than the treadmill.


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