Move 2008 week 25 update

Did a much better job moving this week. I would have met my aerobic goal if it had not been so hot yesterday! But, high 80s inside the house is not the best time to try pedalling 😉 I did pedal 2 other times though and used the hand weights 5 times. Sportsboy leaves Wed am which gives me no excuse next week not to hit my goals. Well, other than today is already over and I’ve done nothing and probably wont thanks to a pretty decent sunburn I got today at baseball tryouts. It figures that just like football which had evaluations on one of the hottest weekends in May, the travel ball team had theirs when it was roasting hit today. We got to the field at 8:30am and it was already miserable. Even though I sprayed myself with sunblock every hour or so, my shoulders are still fried. Now I am slathering them in 100% aloe gel. Should be a fun week. The thought of a bra scares me!! Anyhoo, SB stuck with it all day and assisted two other age level tryouts so he was rewarded with a little fun at the end:

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