My Favorite Podcasts


My favorite form of entertainment either while I run, walk or work has been podcasts. I’m *starting* to get into audio books too – finally subscribed to Audible for that, but for everyday feeding my brain/soul this list really teaches me and makes me laugh.

Typical of me, it is a blend of sports, liberal politics, some light introspection/inspiration, and comedy. I also really LOVED the Serial series of podcasts so a good story telling genre is also a favorite.

I’d love to hear suggestions for more so please share!

(all links go to their iTunes page)


Edge of Sports with Dave Zirin – where sports and politics collide (a slice of heaven for me!)


The Katie Speak Show – amazing interviews already with only a handful of shows so far – I have done a fan girl “squee” a couple of times when I heard who would be on. Fantastic commentary and wonderful music as a bonus that sticks in my head all day (in a good way!)

Bonus, here is her awesome website with ALL her media links including her writing which is insightful, vulnerable, clear, concise and often funny as hell. I adore her banner message:

Speak and change the world


WTF with Marc Maron  (best interviewer ever IMHO – go listen to his talk with President Obama…check was with Barack Obama – it’s pretty fantastic)


Best of the Left – when you cannot listen to or watch *every* great media outlet that leans to the left, this is the solution.


Radio Headspace – from THE place to learn Mindful Meditation – the podcast covers a huge range of inspirational and truly amazing exercises and interviews on every topic you can imagine. The most recent download included a fantastic talk with two comedians who have emerged as voices of authenticity on mental illness and the stigma around it.


Intersection with Jamil Smith – An editor at The New Republic, Jamil does a fantastic job exploring exactly what his show is called – the intersections of race, gender and myriad other ways we identify ourselves. He’s a former producer of the Melissa Harris Perry show (Nerdland!) and does a great job putting together panelists who cover a board spectrum of societies and viewpoints. It’s a relative new show but one that has had me nodding my head and silently saying “thank you for teaching me that!” as I listen. Actually, ALL of these shows do that at some point or another which is why I love them!


Conversations with Alanis Morissette – What is it with all the Orange in these podcast badges? This one is a leap of faith listing. I just subscribed today when I found out about it and have not yet listened to an episode, BUT – it’s Alanis! For those who *don’t* know me, I have often said that at certain times it felt like Alanis was writing songs from thoughts that were rolling around in MY brain so I suspect that I might be able to connect/relate to just about anything she does 🙂


This Week In Blackness Radio – I saved my favorite for last. The link is to their Prime show, but I adore all of the shows in the TWiB family.  They are the ones who got me into listening to podcasts and now, as you can see, I am hooked!



Why I love this show

I think I’ve watched this scene either on my own tv or else on this video clip about 5 times since last night. And danced to it every time of course!

OK, yes, this is me talking with the 13 year old part of my brain now 🙂

This is seriously THE best show on TV. Every single character is an over-the-top representation of just about ever stereotype you knew in high school. And not just the kids. The adults too. They all represent a classic personality type. You name, it, they’ve got it, and if they haven’t totally introduced you to it yet, it’s coming. For instance, the debut show which was aired in May after much hyping right after the American Idol finale highlighted just a few characters. Led you to believe it would focus on just those first 5 members of the Glee Club. But the subsequent episodes have featured more and more of characters who you thought were window dressing, but are now very key players. And so far, I love how they are developing the characters. Notice how in that video, in between the utter hilarity of a high school football team *dancing* before a play, you see snippets of things going on between other characters? Notice how it ends, not on a high, but on the conflicted best friend watching the classic handsome QB & gorgeous cheerleader girlfriend exchange a kiss and then walking away with his head hanging?
That’s what this show does to you – makes you laugh your ass off at something just utterly ridiculous, or sing and dance with the music which totally ads to the scenes, and then it pulls you right back to reality with something really raw and human. So you never *quite* know where it is going. There’s corny story lines yes (pregnant cheerleader now being stalked by lying-about-being-pregnant teacher’s wife which you saw coming a MILE away), but it’s the way they present them which keeps you interested and mostly – laughing your ass off.
Last night’s show also ended with the prancing kicker in the video finally coming out as gay to the dad who you see in the stands. The classically *hetero* hunting/fishing/sports loving single dad (mom is dead) to a very gay boy has tried his best to cover it up but finally gets the confidence to say it. And the dad? Pulls a fast one on ya and shows a sensitive and loving side as he tells his son he’s always known. “Kurt, when you were 3 all you wanted for your birthday was sensible shoes.” he says with a wry shrug. It was sweet and well acted and had me boo-hooing.

And don’t even get me started on Jane Lynch as the uber bitchy bully cheer coach who does NOT want the glee club to steal her thunder. She has the BEST lines of the show. My favorite from last night: “Hey, how’s that homelessness workin’ out for ya? Why don’t you try NOT being homeless?”

The singing is fabulous – some really amazing voices all really them too. Most of them have a background in musical theater, and, dare I say it? Glee Club!

I promise you will not be disappointed if you watch this show. If you don’t laugh and dance along with it, well, then there just may be no hope for you ;->>