Why I love this show

I think I’ve watched this scene either on my own tv or else on this video clip about 5 times since last night. And danced to it every time of course!

OK, yes, this is me talking with the 13 year old part of my brain now 🙂

This is seriously THE best show on TV. Every single character is an over-the-top representation of just about ever stereotype you knew in high school. And not just the kids. The adults too. They all represent a classic personality type. You name, it, they’ve got it, and if they haven’t totally introduced you to it yet, it’s coming. For instance, the debut show which was aired in May after much hyping right after the American Idol finale highlighted just a few characters. Led you to believe it would focus on just those first 5 members of the Glee Club. But the subsequent episodes have featured more and more of characters who you thought were window dressing, but are now very key players. And so far, I love how they are developing the characters. Notice how in that video, in between the utter hilarity of a high school football team *dancing* before a play, you see snippets of things going on between other characters? Notice how it ends, not on a high, but on the conflicted best friend watching the classic handsome QB & gorgeous cheerleader girlfriend exchange a kiss and then walking away with his head hanging?
That’s what this show does to you – makes you laugh your ass off at something just utterly ridiculous, or sing and dance with the music which totally ads to the scenes, and then it pulls you right back to reality with something really raw and human. So you never *quite* know where it is going. There’s corny story lines yes (pregnant cheerleader now being stalked by lying-about-being-pregnant teacher’s wife which you saw coming a MILE away), but it’s the way they present them which keeps you interested and mostly – laughing your ass off.
Last night’s show also ended with the prancing kicker in the video finally coming out as gay to the dad who you see in the stands. The classically *hetero* hunting/fishing/sports loving single dad (mom is dead) to a very gay boy has tried his best to cover it up but finally gets the confidence to say it. And the dad? Pulls a fast one on ya and shows a sensitive and loving side as he tells his son he’s always known. “Kurt, when you were 3 all you wanted for your birthday was sensible shoes.” he says with a wry shrug. It was sweet and well acted and had me boo-hooing.

And don’t even get me started on Jane Lynch as the uber bitchy bully cheer coach who does NOT want the glee club to steal her thunder. She has the BEST lines of the show. My favorite from last night: “Hey, how’s that homelessness workin’ out for ya? Why don’t you try NOT being homeless?”

The singing is fabulous – some really amazing voices all really them too. Most of them have a background in musical theater, and, dare I say it? Glee Club!

I promise you will not be disappointed if you watch this show. If you don’t laugh and dance along with it, well, then there just may be no hope for you ;->>

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  1. Different strokes for different folks, I guess. I saw the first previews for this show back in April and I was beside myself with, um, glee at the prospect of a show for people like me. The folks at Fox have to realize that their target audience here is the glee club/theater kids (*cough* the gay kids, that is), and yet this show has been a giant disappointment from start to finish. I’ll write a full review at my blog later this evening so that this comment doesn’t turn into a novel, but suffice it to say that every time I watch this show I end up wanting to put my foot through a wall.

    The one thing they did get right is the scene where Kurt came out to his father. In a nutshell:

    Kurt: “Dad, I’m gay.”
    Dad: “Um…duh?”


    1. I think perhaps you are asking/expecting them to be entirely too reality based perhaps? I’m viewing it as 90% campy over the top silly fun with 10% substance/emotion/drama/reality – kinda dipping one toe on the ground and otherwise being totally up in the air nonsense.


  2. I never heard of this show until it showed up as a trending topic on Twitter today. I’ll see if I can find it to watch an episode or two, just to give it a chance and so I know what people are talking about! Thanks for the info on it.


  3. Okay, so I’ve never even heard of the show, I’m not much into sports, but I watched the video before I read the post underneath.
    And this is GREAT!
    I’ll be singin’ “You should o’ put a ring on it” all day while I dance around.


  4. My husband who has not been at all interested in my new Glee obsession, made me play that scene over twice on the DVR. It’s classic. I also agree that it’s 90% camp. If I didn’t, I’m pretty sure I’d hate it, having worked in high schools for years. There’s plenty of stuff that would never really happen. Doesn’t make it less funny!


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