My life is in a computer chip

This is my brain
This is my brain

How in the hell did we ever live without laptops and smart phones?

It’s one of those which came first questions. Did these items come about in reaction to our lives being so packed and thus the need for electronic organization, or did the electronic organization allow us to take on the many tasks that have packed it to the brim?

This weekend I downloaded more apps on my phone to help me get through each day. A To Do checklist (Toodledo) which allows me to enter an item and assign it a due date and thus also set up a reminder pop up. I have another app (Awesome Note) where I’ve kept track of things I need to know like the list of SportBoy’s classes and teachers for this year. Of course it comes with a calendar which syncs to my laptop so that they both have our whole schedule for work/school/football/baseball/board duties/workouts in one spot with handy reminders popping up in both places. It’s got a calculator and an alarm clock (love that the clock function allows me display times in multiple zones so that I know, for instance, what time it is in China where SweetPrince is yet again). It has a Grocery List app so that I can record what I need as I think of it and then just bring up the last when I get to the store. this iphone is so darn all encompassing in what it can do that I have actually not even turned on the laptop a couple of nights this week because it was just not needed.

Basically I am using it as my brain. Because my own brain is a flipping sieve! Stuff flies out faster than it goes in and even with the phone and laptop I forget to do things. Or tell someone something. Or ask so and so about this or that and…ummm…what was I thinking about again?

It’s awesome and scary all at once. I love it and I hate it. Do you think for a minute that as a single mom working full time outside the home I would have even considered volunteering on first the baseball and then the football league boards without a laptop at my disposal? or a smart phone that can get all my emails on the fly? No WAY!  I’ve honestly thought about what my life was like 10 years ago and there no possible way I could have juggled all that + keep up with getting SB to all of his sporting practices and events.

Not to mention – how would I ever have kept up with my obsession with all things Adam? Or been able to access such gorgeous photos:

This is my brain on Adam
This is my brain on Adam


I’m sure I am thinking of all this because my time as a volunteer is waning (thank every god in heaven!). I’ve been pondering what I will be doing 6 months from now for instance. One entire email account will be gone. A software program will be out of my life. Another checkbook and invoices and deposit files will be handed off.  I know I will initially catch up on the To Do list (that is on my phone of course!) of things I need to do around the house and yard which have been so neglected since December. I’ve already been squeezing in my workout classes (twice a week). Maybe add a third class? Maybe read a book? Maybe write more on both my blogs? Maybe do something to help my brain get back into shape so that it does not have to be on a phone? Some crosswords or other activities?

Maybe just be.

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  1. I know what you mean, we have become so dependent on our technology. right now I am relishing the connections I am making with my cousins, some of whom I haven’t spoken to in 20 years but recently found on Facebook.


    1. I completely spaced on Facebook & Twitter – but of course I have apps for those on the phone too 🙂 And yes, in that way it’s wonderful since I am literally “talking” nearly every day with hundreds of people who were only accessible by phone before. Given how busy we all are, that meant we were not in contact at all!


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