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Amber shows us how Lazy Sundays are supposed to be
Amber shows us how Lazy Sundays are supposed to be

I love when she rolls over like that ๐Ÿ™‚ So I am showing off the camera a bit. That photo was taken from about 6 feet away as I sat on the sofa. Here’s another from the same distance but with zoom:

"Mommy, WHY are you taking pictures of me?"
"Mommy, WHY are you taking pictures of me?"

Now here is one from the other night. Low light, me sitting at the dining room table and SP standing at entrance to the kitchen, partial zoom – I’m about 20 feet away?

Grinnin' fool :-)
Grinnin' fool ๐Ÿ™‚

Then this one at the game on Saturday – oh hey, they won again 24-0 and I got gypped out of ice cream AGAIN! Anyway, I was pretty far away with this shot. In the stands on the opposite side of the field from where they were practicing – full zoom:

Holding for the kicker during warm ups
Holding for the kicker during warm ups

When you look at the full sized version you can see SB’s face pretty well and you can read the numbers quite clearly.

For a camera on sale for $150 I am quite pleased at the results so far after taking zero time to read up on how to use it!! :-))


For those who actually read here regularly, the roof leak from last year’s rainy season is due to be repaired this month. Coordinated with the neighbor who shares the building with me (she has almost the same leak) and we are getting both sides repaired for under $1600. Whew! We were both kinda freaked about possible 5 figure costs and total replacement! Five year guarantee on the repairs too.


Something I’ve noticed on twitter is how many folks complain about their particular cell phone providers. Specifically those who have iPhones salivating over the potential opportunity to ditch AT&T once that exclusive contract runs out sometime in 2010. Here’s the problem – be careful what you wish for! The complaints I hear about AT&T are in regards to the network coverage and signal strength. Fair enough as I’ve had some issues depending on where I am in the county. Though, quite honestly, no connection issues in quite a while. However, the issues I hear about Verizon, T-Mobile etc are related to billing errors and customer service. IOW, the stuff that hits your wallet. And for me anyway, that is where AT&T *shines*. I’ve NEVER been hassled if I call with a question about what I feel is an erroneous charge on my bill. They have reversed everything I’ve ever questioned. And when you have 5 lines and 2 are your kids’ well you know how easily they can sign up for stuff without knowing! But they *always* reverse it! It makes me very happy to know that whenever I call, it is EASY to get to a live person, they seem to be here in the US (no accents that you cannot decipher), and they always go out of their way to take care of the problem. So, you know what? I’ll put up with some spotty signal strength now and then in order to keep that stellar customer service!

Meanwhile I still adore my iPhone. Sat on that sofa all day yesterday but still felt connected thanks to the little computer in my lap. Between that and the new camera with two large capacity memory cards, I am going to go to DC laptop free! It will be so odd not to drag that laptop bag around the airport, but oh so wonderful.

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  1. We have only used AT&T for one year now and they have been great for us. I will see no reason to switch when the contract is up. No conection problems, if anything there is too much conection. When we go in the woods to get away we don’t want the phones to work, but often with AT&T they work.

    I am glad you are loving your iPhone.


  2. I think the quality of AT&T customer service is really sketchy. I’ve been their customer for six years and I am more and more annoyed with them. They constantly make errors on my bill and say they will revers and months later they have not reversed.

    In store service leaves much to be desired, too. The local store had me wait in the store with no place to sit from ten in the morning until 8 pm to get my phone number changed. And they couldn’t do it. I had to go back the next day and then again a third day before they finally did it and I was with no cell service for the three day period. They never offered an adjustment or even an “I’m sorry.”

    I have absolutely not one good thing to say about their customer service, and that’s saying a lot because I’m one that takes and takes and takes what is dished out and doesn’t complain. Yeah, if I could switch right now without great penalties, I would. The problem is I have 5 lines and they all renew in different years so I would have to pay cancellation fees on five lines.


    1. Corina – yikes! That sounds like the “service” my friends here in San Diego get from Verizon & Sprint! So perhaps it’s regional then? I’ve called perhaps a dozen times (over more than 13 years with some variation of an AT&T account) for billing error corrections and they *always* adjust it right away. Shoot – once they even split the difference with me when older son started texting like a mad man and I didn’t at the time have unlimited texting on my plan so the bill was close to $300! I figured I had to eat it and was just calling to change to unlimited. Nope, they offered to split it in half! wow! Also had no trouble with in store service as we’ve used it a bunch of times with – like you – 5 numbers/phones on the plan and people needing to make upgrades or replace lost/broken phones. It’s always been easy.

      How frustrating for you and how very odd that a company has such an inconsistent record of service.


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