The mess in my head – twitter, McCain vs Ingram, American Idol et al.

If you follow me on twitter, then you saw me post about some of the new people I started following in the last week. They were (gasp!) Republicans!! ๐Ÿ™‚ Now now, I hope you've figured out from reading what I do write about politics that while I am very much dedicated to progressive values, I... Continue Reading →

Nothing better to write about so I will head back to American Idol

This week's show was largely disappointing with just a couple of high spots.ย  I voted for those two high spots and sure enough they moved on. Lil Rounds has an aura of professionalism and polish much like Melinda Doolittle from two years ago (top 3). Lil is even *better* though because she has more spark... Continue Reading →

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