Adam Lambert Finale!

Ok folks! Last week of My Obsession! Today is the Finale of American Idol and it is ALL I am thinking about! I’m so excited to hear 3 new performances from Adam. Yes, and from Kris too. Love him. I perused his fan sites and unlike a certain other top three performer, Kris’ fans have great respect for Adam and are NOT finding all sorts of lovely reason’s to trash him. I will be happy with whoever wins. Because either way Adam already is a huge star and I know that he will match Daughtry in the sales of his first album whether he is the Idol or not. Still, you know who I will be voting for 🙂

My American Idol
My American Idol

I love this picture because they are spraying his hair with the same hair spray I use:

Hairspray twins
Hairspray twins

And finally, I found a You Tube video that is set to the studio version of one of my favorite Adam performances – Mad World.

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  1. Adam was so above the other contestants. I can’t wait for his album to drop. I can’t wait for videos releases. he is gonna bring us some kind of stuff. 🙂


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