Flat out tired

No, not me – that will hit around Friday again.

American Idol last night was NOT what I thought would be at all! I thought everyone just looked dog tired. There was a post performance interview with Adam and Kris that really showed that. The combination of the bigger stage and a crappy song and probably way too much publicity crap between last week and this made for a pretty flat show. Next season they either have to give them two weeks in between or else lay off of those kids leading into a 3 song finale and this huge production that I know they still have to do tonight.¬† That was the lowest energy I’ve seen Adam – and I think he sang the last two songs *really* well, and poor Kris on that last song? Ouch! He looked lost and yeah, totally out of his range but given NO time to prepare to twist the arrangement of the song let alone learn all the words since it WAS totally new – he was overwhelmed by the orignal. And what a crappy original it was!! I loved how Simon sidestepped critiquing the song since Kara co-wrote it. Gack! Adam tried to inject life into it but you could tell he just was not feeling it like he felt the first two songs. Overall the show was just not that good.

Now, I still voted my fingers off for Adam. The last vote I sent was at 11:49pm since I watched my recoding of Glee after taking MM back to furlough. I think this will be the closest result since Season 2. DialIdol shows Kris with less than a percentage point lead but then that only counts people who use their program and obviously misses text messages. Prior results on their site over the last 4 years have never been this tight and they’ve had predicions with more than a 4 percentage point differential be wrong. They brag about correctly predicting the winners from Season 4 onward, but the differentials were never this tight so it was pretty fair to extrapolate other sources of votes from their sampling. I guess my point is, there was no clear winner. Personal tastes matter since these two artists are SO different.

However, I think what everyone will agree with is that this season had a lot of buzz thanks entirely to Adam. Right or wrong as it was for the judges and producers to push for him, it gave them ratings I am sure. He was a game changer for this show. I predict that this top two will eclipse the sales of any other top two (and I thought the two Davids were sure hits!), but that Adam will leave a much larger mark long term. I’ve never voted so many times. I’ve NEVER purchased the itunes songs from any season before. And while I have purchased some subsequent recordings from previous contestants and gone to a couple of conerts, I know that it is Adam who I will following long after this show overall is done.

Oh, and please please please get rid of Kara as a judge and a songwriter!!!

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    1. You are sweet – oh yeah, totally fine because you really don’t need to win this thing. I loved how they had them do We Are the Champions together at the end. Adam is going to be a superstar no matter what. I’m more bummed that I don’t get any more new songs from him week after week!!


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