Nothing better to write about so I will head back to American Idol

This week’s show was largely disappointing with just a couple of high spots.  I voted for those two high spots and sure enough they moved on.


Lil Rounds has an aura of professionalism and polish much like Melinda Doolittle from two years ago (top 3). Lil is even *better* though because she has more spark and personality and confidence. She’s a better performer. Which means as someone pointed out on Twitter, that she will also bow out early! Maybe make Top 4 or 5 but then get robbed much like Chris Daughtry or Melinda or Jennifer Hudson, or Tamira from Season 1. There is always ONE person who seems a sure bet to win who misses it by *that* much. I hope that is not the case for Lil, and I really really hope she does parlay this into a successful recording career like Chris and Jennifer have if she does get robbed. She’s an early favorite for me though. Much like Adam Lambert from last week, I am really really looking forward to seeing her perform again.


Scott Macintyre. Ah, Scott – look at you getting a redemptive high five from Ryan! That just cracked me right up. For those not watching the show, Scott is blind. At the on site auditions when he made it to Hollywood and was gathered back in the waiting area with his family celebrating, Ryan put up his hand for a high five…….and was left hanging since Scott couldn’t see it!! So after singing his song last night, Scott offered up HIS hand for the high five. HAH! I like his singing though honestly it was not the best male performance last night. The kid from Puerto Rico was better and he DID get through. J’no was also quite good as was Nico?..anyway, for me Scott is great when he gets to be behind a keyboard. I know he is out of his comfort zone when left standing alone in the middle of a stage to sing and I think it reflects in his vocals. Behind a piano though – wowza! We got to see that in the early Hollywood rounds and now that he has moved on to top 12 he can bring in his instrument again. He needs to stay away from the high notes though! He’s a baritone. Should do some Buble I think.

They are doing some crazy Wild Card round tomorrow night with 8 people they picked – including the make-me-barf-with-the-drama-Tatiana. Bleargh! However, I also would have bet all my money on them bringing her back for this. The aforementioned drama makes for good tv ratings and she *does* have a decent enough voice to justify letting her try once more. We”ll see if she can stop selling Tatiana long enough to actually BE a singer only though. I have serious doubts and frankly, I will fast forward through her crap as that kind of self serving drama doesn’t make me want to tune in.

OK, those are my scattered thoughts on the tv I’ve been watching.

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  1. I have not watched American Idol, except once at my daughter’s and it was the American Idol auditions, not the actual show. It’s not a show that would attract me to watch.


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