Sometimes Friday morning mimics Monday

The indoor cat's version of a mouse
The indoor cat's version of a mouse

5:30am gift – the sound of Amber completing the kill at the foot of my bed. Roll was originally in Sports Boy’s bathroom so she dragged it/carried it out of there and across the bridge to share it with me. Oh joy.

Update: Picture in picture challenge! I posted this on Face book too and someone there commented about seeing something more in this than just a pile ofย  toilet paper shreds. Do you see the artistic design in Amber’s work? Don’t cheat and look over there now!

Almost makes me regret cleaning it up. *Almost* ๐Ÿ™‚

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    1. Whenever Amber does this – and it’s been several months since the last incident so who knows what motivates her – she always carries the roll quite a long way from it’s original place. Frequently she carries it UP the stairs though if the mood strikes her during the day she will bring the roll down to the kitchen…basically it’s supposed to be a show she puts on for me ๐Ÿ˜‰ She attacked the paper towel roll *once*. I guess it didn’t suit her needs.


  1. The minute my cat starts scratching or pawing at something, I go look to see what it is. She’s good about sleeping all night long so it’s not usually late at night or too early in the morning but it has happened. I get up and go investigate!

    At least she’s not a dog. When I was growing up, our little indoor dogs (pomeranians) used to tear up the trash cans and spread the trash all over the house. They especially liked the bathroom trash! Yuck!


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