Please please tell me now

Are you flashing back to the 80s? Coolio!

When did Daylight Savings Time start so dang early? Ok, I think I am vaguely aware that they changed it up, but really, this was EARLY! Thanks be to twitterland I was not caught unawares but really, I also had NO CLUE until Saturday that it was Spring Forward day. That coulda been disastrous since we had registration day on Sunday. Oooh – which sends me flashbacks to when I forgot a Spring Forward and then had to work a Sunday graduation for NU way back in the day and I was an hour late reporting for my shift! GAH!

Of course, it’s not like you really need to DO anything anymore. As MusicMan responded when I warned him we needed to change the clocks “Uh, what clocks actually NEED changing at this point?” As it turned out, just my watch and the clocks on the microwave and stove. Everything else just does it automatically!

Saw this really cool bird at the Torrey Pines Lagoon on my way in to work today. The drop in there during migration periods and there was a pretty good sized flock floating around:


SportsBoy’s LL team had its first loss Saturday. Still a very good game and SB had 3 hits including another rather booming double. Dare we consider the little guy can push one over the fence this year? That’s twice now in the first 4 games when he got one within a foot of it for sure. I think he’s the last of his travel ball team peers to be a home run virgin 🙂

There were no further toilet paper roll attacks this weekend.

The house did get cleaned – just not by me (which is, as always, a bonus!)

I didn’t have to kill anyone at registration yesterday (which is, as always, another bonus!!). Wasn’t sure if that would be the case given some of the rather err..stunningly obtuse questions sent out way during the week, but things went off without any trouble.

I did have to unwind with a beer and pizza – oh man that tasted so good!

So what did you do this weekend?

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  1. What did I do this week-end?
    Friday night referee men’s soccer league. Had a great time!! Ended the night with a few beers watching the late game at the field.
    Saturday was spent working at the other house.
    Sunday was soccer again (2 games, 80 degrees, no trees) followed by burning leaves, etc. at the other house.

    This week is the state standardized testing week. Oh yea! I am soooooooooooooo excited (not).


  2. I think it had something to do with the stupid save energy thing, that made it worse. We adjust them later and earlier (if that makes sense) to save on energy.



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