Black and White no hitter

The last two days were a combination of American Idol and another LL game – hence the title.


I am officially an Adam fangirl. He blew me away with his rendition of Michael Jackson’s Black & White. I’ve re-watched it on my DVR 3 times. I know it is all a matter of taste, but he works for me. Much like I prefered Clay over Ruben in Season 2 and Bo vs Carrie in Season 3 and Daughtry vs everyone that season and Cooke vs Archuletta last year. The early pick by the judges – and by all internet accounts, but the fans too – is that this will shape up to be Adam vs Danny at the end. I figure seeing those two perform for 10 more weeks would be the best this season can offer, hands down. If not for Adam, Danny probably would be my favorite. But as you can tell, I like singers with a more of an *edge*. Danny is wonderful – and safe. Like Archuletta last year. Adam is going to push envelopes.

Rounding out the top 4 I think will be Allison – the one girl with *edgy* written all over her – and Alexis. Lil is a wild card to make it there, but I suspect that her own sort of bland, safe hyper-polished presentation will cause her to fall short. And I think as long as she makes the top 5 that the judges would not ‘save’ her. Oooh – speaking of the save thing – love it! In fact, those 5 I mentioned are the ONLY ones I think they would use it on. If either of them for some reason ends up with the lowest # of votes anytime before Top 5, they will use the Save on them.



The Little League Cardinals bounced back from Saturday’s first loss with a come from behind last inning victory last night. A 4-1 victory that was a pitching masterpeice.  The other team went up 1-0 on a walk and then some throwing errors. IOW – no balls hit into the field. In fact, for 6 full innings the Cardinals two pitchers not only did not allow a single hit, they struck out 17 of the 18 batters they faced! The final out was a fly ball to center field and that was the FIRST out made in the field! Our first pitcher went 4 2/3 innings when pitch count forced him out, but he had dominated with a well located blazing fastball. It’s so awesome to see him pitching so well because those first two seasons with the bad coach he had been nearly stripped of his confidence. That guy would only let him pitch if we were up by 10 runs! In the ultimate payback, now he is our #1 pitcher often coming in as a closer but sometimes carrying the load as the starter. Meanwhile one of the majors level rookies came in after him to hold the other team in the bottom of the 6th after the Cardinals had some clutch hitting to push across the go ahead runs in the top half. My boy redeemed himself after two first pitch outs in the earlier innings with a two out base hit that drove home the go ahead run.

And that, is the last 48 hours in a Black and White no hitter nutshell 🙂

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  1. another Idol fan here, and I agree that Adam is likely to go far. I’m already planning to book my Idols ontour tickets for this summer’s concert.


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