Friday Obsession and Drivel

Adam Lambert
Adam Lambert

My youngest accused me yesterday of being “obsessed” with Adam from American Idol. Yes, and? What’s the problem with that little boy? It’s funny how seriously irritated he gets at me for it. It’s also funny how easy it is to tease him about it! Look kiddo, it’s a fun distraction which brings me some joy and a reason to dance – what’s so bad about that? Oh yeah, 12 year olds don’t probably cannot appreciate the importance of these little diversions. At least MusicMan and SweetPrince get it. SP even asked me to make a copy of the CD I burned from my itunes collection last night 🙂 Good – that means he wont object too much when I drag him to Adam’s first solo tour some time next year!


Do you have a “witching hour?” A time when, if you are woken up from sleep, you just know you will be wide awake and not able to fall back right away? It’s 2-4am for me and it’s usually a) cats, or b) MM coming home or just getting up to get something from the kitchen. I’m doomed when that happens. Toss and turn for at least an hour. Frustrating!


I’m going back for more with the personal trainner tomorrow! I’ll eat my normal breakfast this time and drink/bring plenty of water and just be overall more mentally prepared for the work out so hopefully I wont have to take a dizzy break!  I’ve been using the what-now-seem-like-wimpy 4lb hand weights evey night to keep my arms loose and also picked up MM’s 10lb weights to work them in. The hand weights they had at the gym were 12lbs!! No wonder I could only do three sets of curls before my arms wanted to fall off and refused any further attempt to lift them!  Wish me luck. I have another crazy assed weekend with pop warner player evaluations and two baseballgames for SportsBoy. Don’t ask me when grocery shopping or laundry or anything will get done!

Serentity Now!!
Serentity Now!!

3 thoughts on “Friday Obsession and Drivel

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  1. I think 12 y/o boys can’t understand (or don’t want to) that their moms can “look” at any man! Give him a couple of years and he’ll get it!

    Witching hour…no, not here. As long as I get at least 2 hours of sleep, I can get up at pretty much any time…and have!


  2. 12 lbs?! I’ve been doing the machines and 8 lb. free weights and that is definitely enough.

    4 a.m. is my witching hour–then I’m usually up until 5:30 and of course not at all ready to get up at 6:30.


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