Obligatory 100 days post

Of course I had to write something since I was so into everything last year right? And heck, my guy won so it’s all good, right? Oh wait, you forgot I’m not a blind follower didn’t ya? Actually all of my liberal friends are neither blind, nor followers of ANY kind so no no no, we do not just sing the praises of our Democratic control in DC. Overall though, I certainly think things are much better that it would have been with McCain by a long shot so I’m pretty happy with the first 100. I give him a solid B (since the media seems so intent on a flipping letter grade!!)

What I love mostly is this flickr photo stream they released last night.  Some really awesome pictures of the first 100 days. You know what freaks me out though? That I can name almost all of those people in the pics with him! Of course, that’s probably good overall that I am so informed – and I certainly never was as aware in any other previous administration. Still kinda scary though 🙂

Here’s two of my favorite shots:

George Clooney in the Oval Office
George Clooney in the Oval Office

That shot of hotness took me by surprise as I viewed the slide show. MmmmMMmmm good! Check out that paint on the wall outside too! I love how many of the transition areas are decked out in some really bold and beautiful color schemes.

Blackberry dump
Blackberry dump

A pile o’blackberries on a table outside a meeting room with post it notes indicating the owner’s name. Guess that was to prevent the lawmakers from twittering from the meeting!

4 thoughts on “Obligatory 100 days post

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  1. I think that more than anything, there is a feeling that things are going to get better because someone is trying to do something about the mess we’re in. That’s a lot! Positive feelings and attitudes go a long way.


  2. I was in Portland yesterday and thus reading the USA Today that they placed outside the door. I think they gave him a high grade for the first 100 Days. He has certainly touched a lot of areas. Pretty amazing. And I do feel 100x more positive than I did prior to his taking office. Man, especially the last 100 days of the previous administration!

    George Clooney does look quite nice in the Oval Office.


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