Ow ow ow

Forgive me, but I need to whine.

The workout Saturday am focused heavily on shoulders. While I was very pleased to get through the whole thing with no dizziness or wimping out on the weights *too* often, it still kicked my ass. As of this moment, my entire upper back is sore. Much like last week, the legs are starting to go too so that I am now doing that odd stiff, groaning method of sitting down and standing up.  Last night stupidly placed a wine glass in a bad spot to dry – knew it was bad, said to myself “that’s not a good place for that glass” and then promptly did exactly what I knew I would do and knocked it over and tried double stupidly to stop the fall causing my hand to be in the way as it shattered. Two finger slices. Wee. Then this morning I had a breakfast sandwich at Starbucks just before heading out for day 2 of football evaluations..and I burned the roof of my mouth on the first bite. Brilliant! Now I cannot even eat without pain.

I really need to have a day off to recover from the weekend at this point.

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