Brain = gone

Sometime at work today I got an idea for a blog post.

Not great, but I know I was mildly enthused at the prospect of hashing it out tonight.

I didn’t write it down.

I didn’t mention it to anyone.


It’s gone.

Like my nails!

20 years I’ve had either acrylics/gels/silks on my nails. No breaks ever which I know is odd. But I loved the look and feel too much. I have no idea what changed, but over the last couple of months I’ve been less enthused picking out a color, more frustrated at them when they chipped off and generally spending a lot of time fussing over them without really enjoying them anymore. I honestly woke up with this morning knowing I had an appointment with no clue I would do this. Even packed a color in my purse. By lunchtime I knew I would be changing things up once I got there. I’ll still go in for regular manicures to get my cuticles back in shape and to get my own nails strong again. Plus with the money saved I can have her keep my toe nails pretty for the summer 🙂

Naked fingers!
Naked fingers!

2 thoughts on “Brain = gone

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  1. I have never had acrylic nails. I wasn’t allowed to wear polish in the hospitals I worked so I never got used to painting my nails.
    I do love them natural.


  2. I love acrylic nails. I love red nail polish on my nails. But, I haven’t found any place that I want to go to regularly up here. Since I moved up here last August, I’ve only had my nails done twice. I keep saying I am going to look around for a place but I haven’t yet. I’ll have to start asking around.


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