Happy Cinco de Drinko de Adoption Day!

I could also throw in Happy Gay Marriage in Maine Day since the Maine house voted to support a gay marraige initiative, but they still need the Governor to sign to make that Official so I’ll hold off the true celebration just yet.

No, what REALLY has my heart filled with joy is the arrival of Adoption Day for a wonderful Fmaily in Wisconsin. I’ve known Dan and Jen online since 2005.  Pastordan and Mrs P. The only church services I’ve attended the last few years are PD’s Interfaith Service gatherings on the Sunday of Yearlykos/Netroots Nation. They were blessed with their children two years ago. Read all about it here and here (with pics). Of course they have been a family from the start. But much like gay couples who have been ‘married’ forever, that validation from a judge and signing those official, legal papers has made it all seem that much more real and permanent. So Cheers to the Schultz Family on Adoption Day!

And hopefully Cheers and a wedding invite soon from a certain couple in Maine.

Oh yeah – Happy Cinco de Mayo too 🙂

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