Happy Maine Marriage Day!

The Governor signed the bill! 10% of our states now provide full marriage rights to ALL citizens! They do face a special election hurdle similar to what we had in California as there will be an initiative introduced to strike this down. Hopefully the pro-rights crowd in Maine has it’s act together better than the California group did. I think they will. As I said right after Prop 8 passed here – California’s example WILL lead the nation – only not to continue restricting rights, but to get the message out there that this is something that cannot continue to be ignored and considered to be political poison.

And this just in: New Hampshire is now just one signature away from Maine! Their state house just passed their own marriage rights bill and is waiting for the governor to sign.

So there you go Harvey 🙂 There’s another chink in the armor of prejudice. We’ll get it done. One state at a time. And always giving them hope!

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