And away we go


And that my dear peeps, is pretty much a reflection of the next 30+ days.

It starts with the fact that Music Man finally received a proper sentencing for his DUI issues. He could have been up to 120 days in jail, BUT, thanks to some attorney negotiation and the fact that he got hired on to work in the meat department at Vons just one week after we returned from Vegas, he instead received a 60 day sentence in a work furlough program. Which means he is in a somewhat restricted dorm setting, but is released to go to work. Unfortunately, the facility is about 20 miles south of where we live and where he works. Without traffic its a pretty easy 45 mins round trip tops. Doable, but imagine me trying to fit that into my work day/carting SportsBoy around/sports league board responsibilities. As a backup, he can take public transportation. Bus to trolley to train which brings him up at least must closer. Picking him up from the train station and getting him to Vons is pretty easy. Plus, they allow him 2-3 hours to make the journey which is more freedom for him. Still, I’m transportation choice #1. We do have a couple of his friends lines up for backup should SportsBoy’s events clash. Oh, and lucky stroke #1 so far – when he checked in they showed him with a release date of 6/13 – just 36 days instead of 60. A preliminary reduction for good behavior basically. Woohoo!

As I wrote a few weeks ago, MM is on a very good forward path, but, he does have to pay for the mistakes he made when his head was not screwed on quite so straight. He’s taking it really well actually and looks at this as the transition he needs to put all that behind him and come out ready to focus on his future.

My car might want a spa day when this is all over though!

I seem to have committed myself to working out once a week (so far) with this trainer! Today was my third Saturday morning workout and I’ve signed up to walk in a 5k with a group from the gym. It’s really fun! Yeah, it kicks my butt and makes me sore as hell for 2-3 days after, but I like it ๐Ÿ˜‰ Plus, I get to see some friends once a week who I used to only see once a year (if we were lucky!). As long as SB doesn’t have a LL game right after, we will have coffee after and keep caught up on things. Of course, that means no sleeping in on Saturdays since its an 8am workout, but since it IS at the beginning of the day, it doesn’t interfere with anything.

Little League regular season is winding down. Just two games left and the second half has been a lot worse than the first. Some injuries and dead bats and then defensive yips have struck. Thanks to the first half victory, they do get to play in the post season, but they do so quite banged up. One broken foot, one broken finger (both boys out for the season) and one pitcher who will be coming off ofย  “little league” arm who has been restricted to playing only first base for the bast two weeks. SportsBoy has had to step up and play a few newer positions for him. Shortstop and pitcher so far, with some time behind the plate at catcher thanks to today’s broken finger. Pitching has actually gone pretty well. It would be pretty darn good if not for the aforementioned defensive yips. But, that’s baseball and I’m just proud of how he has handled the new challenges. So they will have a one week break and then start playoff games the last week of May. Clearly as the underdog at this point!

I mentioned in a tweet earlier this week that this is my last year on the two boards. The baseball one technically ends in May. Oh, am I ready to let it go!! I’ve been treasurer for this group since the fall of 2003. I am DONE. At least I am leaving them in good standing with non profit status and tax returns all caught up. That was such an enormous chore which took up the last two years! But it’s all up to date and I’m getting it organized to hand it off with a sparkling bow on top ๐Ÿ™‚ I’ll still have a background ‘advisory’ role which is fine since SB will play with them one more season.Of course, as baseball winds down, football winds UP. Still, just ONE board? I haven’t had that luxury in almost 2 years. And what will I ever do with myself NEXT year when my football term runs out and I am no NO boards???

I dunno – but based on that picture of what my next month will entail, I think if I take a year off to just focus on reading/blogging/hanging with friends/working out whenever I am not at work or getting SB to do his homework, that will be just FINE.

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  1. Sometimes you’re the hamster, sometimes you’re the wheel. Either way you just keep spinning in circles.


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