The mess in my head – twitter, McCain vs Ingram, American Idol et al.


If you follow me on twitter, then you saw me post about some of the new people I started following in the last week. They were (gasp!) Republicans!! πŸ™‚ Now now, I hope you’ve figured out from reading what I do write about politics that while I am very much dedicated to progressive values, I am not in the least anti-anyone or anything. I’ve always tried to be reasonable and respectful and try to keep my sources of news balanced. So really it is not that much of a stretch for me to have been curious about John McCain joining Twitter. But really, it was his daughter who drew me in. Meghan appeared on Rachel Maddow’s show to talk about her brewing battle with the hard core right wing women in the GOP – Ann Coulter and Laura Ingram. Now, the irony here is that Meghan was initially commenting on Ann who has not responded at all. Yet Laura decided to have Ann’s back and started dissing Meghan. Did she debate ideas? Oh, heck no. She went straight for the cat fighting jugular by criticizing McCain’s physique. Classy Laura! But, I will stop here and direct you to this blog post which I think sums up all that is so wrong about this fight. So I am following John and Meghan and today was kinda fun because George Stephanopolous did a Twitter interview with John McCain and since I follow both of them I saw the whole thing πŸ™‚ Yeah, I know, utterly geeky eh? I can’t help it! It’s like I am getting to peak behind the curtain with the media and politicians. It’s more personal and makes you feel more connected to them. It’s breaking down barriers and in that way Twitter is really something awesome. It’s not for everyone for sure, but I love the links that are shared (Meghan McCain pointed me to the blog post I just told you about) and the twitpic snapshots into their lives (Shaq and Ana Marie Cox send the best ones) and just the running commentary and conversation.


I’ve decided that I don’t like March at work. There are too many administrative deadlines which have nothing to do with crunching numbers. It’s all writing crap. Writing process guides and control procedures for the auditors (shouldn’t they do that??), writing justificaitons for the budget requests, writing about my employees for the annual evaluation process. Business writing does not come easily to me and I am really struggling with being motivated to start the tasks and then stick with them. IOW, if I am sending more inane tweets than usual, it’s because I am trying to avoid the crap!


It was country night on American Idol which always sucks for me (and Simon!). My favorite, Adam, was…umm…Unique? I love him, and he sure did put his own take on Ring of Fire, but it was little TOO Adam tonight. Vocally he still kicks ass, but…..yeah. I still voted for him of course!

Update: the morning radio show played back Adam’s performance from last night and I am back to 100% wow. Brilliant. There is something different just hearing the vocals. He is a blend of Freddie Mercury (how did I miss that??), Axl Rose and the Led Zeppelin version of Robert Plant. A total glam rocker but with the ability to take a song inside out and just roll in it. Simon was right that last night was indulgent, but it didn’t matter – it was still brilliant.

Anoop was the best tonight. So so so strong with his tender vocals. Beautiful. I’m throwing a few votes his way too.

That is all. It’s been a loooong day.

6 thoughts on “The mess in my head – twitter, McCain vs Ingram, American Idol et al.

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  1. I thought Adam’s performance was great. I’m glad Randy nailed it in the feedback after Simon was so harsh.

    Didn’t see all the others; not Anoop. Glad to hear he was so good. He seems like such a nice guy.

    The Meghan McCain versus mean-girl-Right is, I think, gaining McCain many fans. I’m glad she’s standing up to those bullies.


  2. I agree about the Meghan thing. Totally unclassy for Ingram to do what she did.

    Wow on the twitter interview! Not geeky, just pretty wow!

    Idol? Schmidol! I don’t watch the show, ever.


  3. Granted, this only peripherally has anything to do with your post, but I gotta tell someone.

    At work on Friday we hear an overhead page “Ann Coulter, please call the Operator. Ann Coulter dial the Operator.” I was walking down the hall towards a couple of colleagues. We all froze for a moment and got that look on our faces like someone just let out a really stinky fart. Finally someone broke the ice by saying “eww” and then we all continued along our way.

    Was THE Ann Coulter really at the San Francisco Kaiser? I kinda doubt it, but it all had us really scared there for a moment.


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